Skull Mug or Flask
Skull Tankard or Flask 

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Gilded Pewter Skull Tankard or Flask
Skull Design
Powerful and Deadly
1 Pint Volume
Perfect for any Pirate Fanatic

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Skull Pewter Tankard
 Model# SBAG-TANK-SKULL  $99
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Skull Pewter Flask
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Romanticized and vilified in literature and film, pirates have been the subject of endless fascination. Pirates of course, are any group of sailors who drink from tankards and flasks (ones with skulls), prey upon other ships, stealing money or goods and sometimes harming or killing the crew. Eye patches seem to have something to do with piracy as well, but no one can really figure out what.

The tankard and flask are made from fine pewter which any pirate would want for his own. The tankard holds 1 pint and the flask 6 ounces but of as you know will be refilled frequently. See more specifications in the tab below.

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