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The London Non-Firing Style Flintlock 1750

  • Stunning Simulated Ivory Stock with Elaborate Burnishing
  • Double Barrels Allowed for Multiple Shots
  • Suave, Sophisticated and Lethal
  • Locks and Trigger Mechanism Fully Funtional (non-firing)
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Double Barrel Flintlock W. Bailes of London
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Tabletop display stand for pistols

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Double the firepower. Double the class. This double-barrel, non-firing flintlock reproduction just oozes with power and sophistication. Leave it to the English to make killing look so good.

This flintlock is a reproduction of a 1750 pistol. The original, made with an ivory stock and similarly engraved, was capable of firing double projectiles before having to reload. Quite important since the average loading time for a flintlock pistol was 3.5 hours (okay, maybe not that long).

This reproduction has fully functional locks (for those of you hung over, that means that stuff actually happens when you pull the trigger). The brilliantly engraved locks are cast from a dark steel and bolted tightly to the simulated ivory stock. The stock itself is etched with a scroll pattern. The hammer holds a simulated piece of flint/saltpeter tightly between its arms.

The original was made circa. 1750 by the famous W. Bailes of London. It would have been a fantastically expensive weapon at the time and would surely have been used only by the upper crust of society.

This item is a gorgeous collection piece and a fabulous addition to any costume. Particularly good for elegant pirates or other classy (but dangerous) gunmen.

Optional Engraved Stand
For a low price you can add a personalized engraving to your pistol stand. We will apply 2.5 inch by 1.25 inch solid brass plate to the stand engraved with your personalized message. This makes for a truly wonderful gift or award. Just click-on the engrave button next to the pistol stand part number and use our engraving utility to enter up to three lines of text in the font of your choice.
Color:Gold /Black Finish
Overall Length: 13 Inches
Weight: 1 lb 10 oz.
Pirate Flintlock pistol with Face of Pirate
Pirate Flintlock pistol with Face of Pirate
Pirate Style Italian Flintlock Pistol - Grey
Pirate Style Italian Flintlock Pistol - Grey

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