Whip, leather
Leather Bullwhip, Long 

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Decorated Braided Leather Bullwhip
Superb Quality Braided Leather
Riveted and Decorated
Metal Capped Handle with Wrist Strap
Makes a Really, Really Cool Sound When Used Properly
Available in 8-foot and 5-foot Versions
Cracker Tip can be Replaced When Worn Out

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Eight-Foot Leather Bullwhip
 Model# SBC-WHIPLONG  $39
      Out of Stock
Five-Foot Leather Bullwhip
 Model# SBC-WHIPSHORT  $29
      In Stock - Ships in 1-3 days

When was the last time you broke the speed of sound? Better yet, when was the last time you doubled the speed of sound? Yes, that's right, the whip is the only weapon that I can think of at the moment that can actually break the speed of sound. That's why you hear that groovy crack when you flick a whip properly.

This whip is made in Spain, where they really, really know how to make whips. It's 100% fine braided leather, decorated with brass studs and dyed leather cuffs. It features a stylish brass cap at the base of the handle, a leather wrist loop and a replaceable "cracker" at the tip.

This is a fully functional whip, rugged and durable and capable of lasting a long, long time with proper care (use saddle soap or talllow). It also makes a wonderful costume addition and an intriguing display piece. Oh, all right, and it's an awesome addition to any S&M tool kit. There, I said it. Lord knows you've all been thinking it.

Please take care when using whips as they can hurt like hell or injure you seriously if used improperly.

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