Altair's Fighting Knife and Altair's Harness
Assassin's Creed Harness and Blade 

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Altair's Blade and Leather Harness
An Integral Part of Altair's Costume
Knife has a Graceful, Lethal, Sweeping Design
Gothic Raised Grip for Traction and Style
Leather Harness with Metal Chest Piece
Knife made from Tempered High-Carbon Steel

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Assassin's Creed Knife and Belt Harness
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Altair's Fighting Knife is the perfect middle ground between the secret Extension Knife and the powerful Assassin's Sword. It's subtle enough to go unnoticed, but lethal enough to take anyone down at any time. Attached securely to the chest harness, the knife can go completely unnoticed, until Altair decides to make its presence known.

The Assassin Fighting Knife & Belt has a sweeping design with a sleek positive grip and decorative, high carbon steel blade. Full chest assembly (suede and metal) for covert carrying.

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