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Scottish Style Doublet with Removable Sleeves

  • Cotton-Velveteen for Comfort, Look, and Breathability
  • Detachable Sleeves for 4-Season Wearability
  • 30-Buttons on Breast and Sleeves
  • Machine Washable! Tumble Dry.
Back in the 80s, men had Member's Only jackets. Back in the Medieval and Renaissance periods, men had doublets. Doublets were a lot like Member's Only jackets, except that doublets were actually cool, and didn't lose their popularity for hundreds of years. Also, doublets weren't made in Malaysia and were usually extremely well made, using the finest fabrics available. Doublets also usually were slightly padded and tight-fitting and were a lot more expensive than Member's only jackets. Which brings me to the fact that Member's Only jackets really are nothing like doublets. And makes me really start to regret even bringing up the whole Member's Only comparison thing.

This doublet is a replica of a Scottish doublet from the Royal Scottish Museum in Edinburgh, which as I understand it, is pronounced, Ed-ee-na-bur-ski-la-woo-jeh, or something like that. Cool feature number one is that the doublet has detachable sleeves. How wild is that? So, if you want to be warm and cozy, you wear it with the sleeves on. If you want to show off your guns, or just let off a little heat, wala, the sleeves come off. We had a bad moment with our former intern when we first got them because someone mis-read the description and thought it said "detachable arms." It wasn't a very big deal, though. We have a new intern now and we now have one of these doublets that we can sell as a scratch and dent with minor (editor's note: major) bloodstains on it.

These doublets have an amazing 30 buttons sewed onto them. Not that the buttons are amazing, mind you, it's just amazing that they have 30 oif them. Come to think of it, though, the buttons are large and beautiful, and, yes, amazing too. A single-breasted closure and gold trimming throughout the doublet make this an absolutely awesome-looking piece.

Machine wash and tumble dry.

Material: Cotton Velveteen. Machine Wash, Tumble Dry.

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