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French-Style Renaissance Dress with Detachable Sleeves

  • Breezy, Comfortable and Stylish
  • Detachable Sleeves for Maximum Comfort and Versatility
  • The Bodice Acts as Bodice, to Lift Bossom, Hold in Tummy
  • Made of Cotton-Velveteen and Half-Lined with Satin
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If you had a time machine and went back to Renaissance France wearing this dress, there is no doubt that you would inspire fascination and envy among the women there. Sure, a lot of the fasciniation would be directed at the futuristic printed hang-tag on the back of the dress, but once they got over this little detail, they would absolutely drool over the dress itself. Which would suck since they don't have those spot-removing sticks back then and you'd end up with saliva stains all over your dress.

This is a truly breezy, versatile dress that's perfect for any weather. Based on actual dresses from the Limousin region of France, this gown is made from cotton-velveteen and is half-lined with satin for comfort and durability. The sleeves tie on with ribbons, allowing the dress to be worn with the glamourous sleeves, or sleeveless for a more streamlined look and cooler feel for those hot days.

The bodice on this dress acts as a sort of corset, lifting the bosom and holding in the tummy.

The dress is dry clean only. Best when worn with one of our chemises (shown with Ruffled Chemise). Waist sizes: 22-25 7/8, 26-29 7/8, 30-34, 35-39 inches Sizing
We don't use the vanity sizing that many stores use (the system where a dress could be a size 5 in one store and the same dress would be a size 3 in another). We actually use exact waist measurements. So, just measure your waist, pick the appropriate dress and be assured of a perfect fit.

Waist sizes: Size A: 22inch to 25 7/8 inch, Size B: 26 inch to 29 7/8 inch, Size C: 30 inch to 34 inch, Size D: 35 inch to 39 inch, Size E:40 inch to 44 inch, Size F:45 inch to 49 inch. Outer and Inner Colors: Jewel Black

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