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The Katrina- 15th century Flemish Gown with Detachable Puff Sleeves

  • Beautiful and Versatile
  • Detachable Puff Sleeves
  • Side Lacing for Adjustable Fit
  • Clinches Waist and Gives Bosom Support - No Bra Needed
  • Sleeve Lacing for Tight, Clean Look
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This is the dress worn by the heroine in the medieval village. The woman that is courted by both the humble village hero and the rich Duke from the castle on the hill. Or the one who strives to break away from the provincial life and enjoy the world and it's many adventures. Oh, or the girl who hides the sword in the haystack and practices fencing when her parents aren't around.

Sort of gets the imagination going, this dress does. It's wearable with or without the puffed sleeves for two completely different looks. The dress is made from cotton-velveteen and is fully lined with satin for a cool, comfortable feel.

Lacing on the sides of the dress allows it to tighten and relax easily (particularly useful after that really large feast you wish you hadn't eaten. Also comes in handy when you haven't worn the dress in a while and realize that you gained a dress size in between).

The upper part of the dress fits snugly and provides excellent support for the bosom. Such good support, in fact, that you do not need a bra or even a corset with this dress.

The detachable sleeves lace up the forearm for a tight, clean look that contrasts nicely with the puffed upper arm.

This dress is meant to be worn with our Chemise. The extra sleeve material in the chemise can be tucked into the puffed upper sleeve to provide more body and style.

We don't use the vanity sizing that many stores use (the system where a dress could be a size 5 in one store and the same dress would be a size 3 in another). We actually use exact waist measurements. So, just measure your waist, pick the appropriate dress and be assured of a perfect fit.

Waist sizes: Size A: 22 inch to 25 7/8 inch, Size B: 26 inch to 29 7/8 inch, Size C: 30 inch to 34 inch, Size D: 35 inch to 39 inch, Size E:40 inch to 44 inch, Size F:45 inch to 49 inch. Outer and Inner Colors: Admiral Navy, Jewel Black, Hunter Green, Rouge, Flame Red, Purple.

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