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The Viktoria German Style Gown - Satin-Lined, Cotton-Velveteen Gown with Reversible Inset

  • Ravishing German-Style Gown with Slashed Sleeves
  • Meticulously Stitched Cotton-Velveteen with Silk Lining
  • Includes Reverseable Colored Inset
  • Dress Laces all the Way up the Front and Along Forearms
  • Designed to be Worn with our Standard Chemise
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Waist Size
This is a dress that truly makes a statement. Honestly. I've heard it say things like "Hey, can you loosen my third lace please? Your cutting off my circulation," and "Hey, any chance you could run a lint brush over me? I just LOVE the feel of that thing."

Okay, so maybe it doesn't physically make statements, but the look of this gown will the statement all on its own. This c. 1525 gown is made of two pieces: The outer gown of cotton-velveteen is fully lined in satin. The inset piece is made from cotton-velveteen and is meant to be worn over our Standard Chemise. The inset -- which does a fabulous job providing a lift for your bossom and keeping your tummy tucked flat -- is black on the inside and can be worn reversed. Heck, the Inset can probably be worn on its own with a chemise for a more downscale, commoner look.

The outer gown is then worn over the inset and chemise. It laces up the front "V," where the inset shows through. The snazzy sleeves lace up too; they lace snugly to the elbows, providing a nice contrast between the puffed, slashed-sleeves and the smooth, clean look of the forearms.

This dress is meant to be worn with one of our Standard Chemise, which puffs nicely through the slashed-sleeves.
Waist sizes: 22-25 7/8 inch, 26-29 7/8 inch, 30-34 inch, 35- 39inch.
We don't use the vanity sizing that many stores use (the system where a dress could be a size 5 in one store and the same dress would be a size 3 in another). We actually use exact waist measurements. So, just measure your waist, pick the appropriate dress and be assured of a perfect fit.

Waist sizes:
Size A: 22 inch to 25 7/8 inch,
Size B: 26 inch to 29 7/8 inch,
Size C: 30 inch to 34 inch,
Size D: 35 inch to 39 inch

Navy Blue, Obsidian, Hunter Green

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