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Full-Length Silk Renaissance Chemise with Flowing Sleeves

  • Traditional Full Length Style
  • Made From Burlap .. Just Kidding .. Made of Silk, of Course
  • Long Luxurious, Dagged Sleeves
  • Wear with Most Renaissance Dresses or as Nightgown
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Silk Chemise,One Size Fits All, White

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In the year 600 A.D., the Victoria's Medieval Secret Catalog came out with a phenomenal new product. Yes, right next to the pattern-welded chastity belts and the blackened chainmail bra was an item so new and so sexy that it was immediately adopted by most of the upper-class women of Europe. Yes, we're talking about the Silk Chemise, and no, of course there was no such thing as the Victoria's Medieval Secret Catalog.

This silk chemise is cool, comfortable, silky and makes you feel truly regal. Wear it underneath any dress style, or simply wear it as a nightgown. Either way, you're sure to make a fantastic impression.

The chemise is worn under outfits like a medieval slip. They absorb any perspiration or assorted body soils and protect the outer garment from wear and tear. Our chemises are made from the same soft cotton muslin used to back baby quilts. They come with drawstring necklines and have very long sleeves for that extra touch of elegance. One size fits all.

Full-Length Chemise with Ruffled Neck and Sleeves
Full-Length Chemise with Ruffled Neck and Sleeves
Full-Length Chemise with Decorated Sleeves
Full-Length Chemise with Decorated Sleeves

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