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Lionheart Medieval Vest - Cotton-Twill Vest with Lacing Grommets

  • Made from Cotton Twill for Durability and Comfort
  • Lacing Grommets Ensure Perfect Fit
  • Cut Accentuates Shoulders, Narrows Waist
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This is one of the cooler vests you'll find on the market. What do we mean by cool, you may ask? Well, we mean that its surface is actually a few degrees colder than most fabrics because of a revolutionary new refrigerant technology that we use. I'm joking of course. We mean it kicks ass, man!

I mean, look at it. Slightly flared shoulders and a tapered waist make the wearer look HUGE! That guy in the 1st product photo? He's actually 5' tall, weighs 126 pounds and is constantly beat up by the girls in the elementary school down the road. But when he puts this vest on, suddenly he scares Vin Diesel and magically develops mixed martial-arts fighting skills. (Editor's note: None of that is true. It's a great looking vest and does make your shoulders look a little bigger and your waist smaller, but that's it. You're on your own against Vin Diesel. Please don't get into an Octagon and take on Frank Shamrock based on our writer's words).

What a killjoy. (editor's note: You realize that I will always get the last word, don't you?). On that note, let's talk about the vest's material, shall we? This vest is made from cotton-twill, a material that is both breathable and durable. The bottom third of the vest laces up for a secure fit. The laces slip through firmly stitched metal grommets, which allows you to tighten the vest as much as you want without it bunching badly. This medieval vest also features a peplum, which is a sort of antacid. Aha, a quick check in my dictionary actually reveals that a peplum is a short piece of fabric attached to the back of the garment that accentuates the . ah . booty .area.

And speaking of booty, this is a fine vest is an excellent choice for pirate outfits. But the amazing versatility of this vest allows it to be worn with noble costumes, swordsmen, merchants and thugs. It's the perfect accessory for any outfit. And, it secretes phermones that actually attract women! (editor's note: no it doesn't.).

Material: Cotton-Twill. Metal Grommets. Machine Wash, tumble dry.

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