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Jaeger Rugged Viking Sword - Stage Combat and Live Steel Perfomances

  • Virtually Indestructible!
  • Thick Edges for Blade to Blade Contact
  • Rounded Tip for Safety
  • No-finish Metal Hardware to Prevent Chipping
  • Suede-wrapped Wooden Sheath with Brass Rings
  • Full Tang, High-carbon Steel
  • Models on Sale
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Viking Stage Combat Arming Sword
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Belt-Hung Sword Frog
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Brown Belt-Hung Sword Frog
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Side Hanger Baldric - Small to Large

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The Germanic word Jaeger means two things:

1: A hunter

2 : A northern sea bird that harasses weaker birds until they release their prey

The Vikings were the fiercest of medieval hunters, and they tended to make quick, harassing raids on weak villages until the villagers released their treasures. Not a bad name for one of their swords, eh?

The Jaeger Viking sword is created for stage combat. It's made from rugged, tempered high-carbon steel with a full tang and a rounded tip for safety. The edges are extra thick for blade to blade contact.

Physics--the eternal enemy to all swordmakers--dictates that when the edge of one steel blade strikes the edge of another, nicks will appear. The Jaeger is not immune to physics, but it will last longer and take many more nicks than most normal swords. Think of it as the armored fighter that stands at the front of the adventurers and takes all the damage.

The Jaeger's guards and pommels are made from a polished-but-uncoated steel, which prevents chipping when struck. The hardwood sheath is covered in a burgundy suede and sports two brass rings that allow the assortment to be hung form a belt.

In this world, there are birds that harry, and birds that lose their prey. Buy the Jaeger, and you can watch those birds with a really cool sword on your hip.

(Please do not attempt blade-to-blade maneuvers without safety equipment and proper training).
Overall Length: 37 inches
Blade Length:30 inches
Weight:3.6 lbs.
Material of
Tempered High-Carbon Steel

The sword is shipped with an unsharpened blade.

Includes suede-wrapped wood scabbard with chromed steel throat and tip.

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