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Buccaneer Pirate Cutlass Available with Brass or Silver Colored Guard

  • Sculpted Pirate Ship on Metal Basket
  • Skull and Crossbones on Sheath
  • Superior Quality: Made in Spain
  • Beautiful Gilded Grip and Pommel
  • Crossed Pistols on Sheath Tip
  • Available with Brass or Silver Colored Guard
  • Models on Sale
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Buccaneer II High Seas Pirate Cutlass - Brass
Out of Stock
Buccaneer II High Seas Pirate Cutlass - Silver
1 In Stock
Scratch and Dent - Buccaneer II High Seas Pirate Cutlass - Brass - slight discoloration on the guard.
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If you're looking to add a little swagger to your pirate costume, or simply want something a little more artsy to hang by your skull and crossbones flag, then feast yer eyes on this Buccaneer's Cutlass. This masterful sword was crafted in Spain by master Craftsmen. It's available in two versions. One version with brass guard and black sheath and one version with silver toned guard and a patterned sheath.

An incredibly ornate sculpted ship scene adorns the antiqued bell of both these curved swords. The scene shows a many-masted war galleon slashing through the surging seas, and is complemented by the sword's grip -- an elegantly carved handle of cast metal.
The blade on this weapon is a high-quality, unsharpened metal alloy, which makes it light and easy to swing. It also makes for a sword that can be carried easily for long periods of time, either in hand or on belt.

The stylish sculpting doesn't stop with the basket and grip, though. The collar of the sheath bears a stunning skull and crossbones design, and the tip is etched with a pair of crossed flintlock pistols.

Although this cutlass is not hand-made, it has a unique style and fantastic quality. If you're looking for a pirate weapon and don't care if it's hand-made or not, then this is the best bang for your buck.

Overall Length: 28.5 inches
Blade Length:22.25 inches
Weight:1.5 lbs.

Includes leather wrapped scabbard



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