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Full Size European Great Helm

  • Made from Stout 18-Gauge High Carbon Steel
  • Intimidating and Massive Helmet
  • Rugged, Durable Construction with High Strength Rivets
  • Wonderfully Crafted and Historically Accurate
  • 9 Inch inside Diameter
  • Models on Sale
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This item is no longer available.
European Greathelm - this item is being discontinued and the last one is at a terrific price!!
20+ In Stock
Museum Quality Laquered Helmet Stand
Engrave this item for $15.  Engrave
20+ In Stock
Additional Care and Cleaning Kit (Polishing Cloth, 2 Polishing Flitz, Instructions)

* Stock items ship from Strongblade in 1-3 business days. Please allow additonal 2 to 5 business days for engraving or sharpening.
Personalized Engraving
For a low price you can add a personalized engraving to your helmet stand. We will apply 2.5 inch by 1.25 inch solid brass plate to the helmet stand engraved with your personalized message. This makes for a truly wonderful gift or award. Just click-on the engrave button next to the helmet part number and use our engraving utility to enter up to three lines of text in the font of your choice.

How bad-ass do great helms look?

I mean, seriously, is there anything a knight could wear that looked cooler than one of these pot helms? Intimidating, anonymous and mysterious, these fantastic helms were used by knight for everything from outright warfare to tournament jousts. Sure, the vision was a little restricted and the top of the helmet was a war hammer landing pad, but it gave the wearer fantastic protection from most other weapons and looked damned cool too.

This helm is made from a tough, 18-gauge high-carbon steel, riveted with extra strength bolts and reinforced with strips of steel. The brow, center, top and sides of the helmet are secured with strong strips of steel, riveted numerous times for stability. Eye slits are carved out below the brow plate and a series of rectangular slots around the mouth allow air to circulate easily for proper breathing and cooling.

The helmet has a handsome shape to it; The bottom has a great upward slope to it which gives the helmet a beautiful profile. This slope curves downward at the throat to provide maximum protection.

The helmet is a full size reproduction. Although it does not come with a liner, one can be made fairly easily with foam, leather or fabric and the helmet can be worn.
Material: High carbon, 18-gauge steel. Steel Rivets.

It does not include a liner, but one can be made quite easily from foam, fabric or leather.

Please note: This will fit most heads. 23 inch diameter or less.

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